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To become a NTM-NET member we would like to ask you to contact us via e-mail identifying yourself and your interest in NTM research. NTM-NET is a branch of the TBnet and thus you have to register with the TBnet by filling out a short sign-up form, which you should send to the TBnet Secretary. Then you will receive a registration link that allows you to register at the webpage giving you access to the members restricted area where you also will see your name on the NTM-NET members list in your user menu. You will also be invited to become a member of the NTM-NET group within the website, if you have notified us at This is important since communication within the NTM-NET will be based on this membership.

You also can be a member of TBnet and than become affiliated with NTM-NET. Please, again: notify us at You can - after this notification mail - change the NTM-NET affiliation at the website by logging into the website, edit your profile where you can click the tab 'NTM-NET member' and choose yes. There is no automatic information system in place so please don't forget to contact us in order to be invited to the NTM-NET group.